Magical Sunflowers

Doesn't this sunflower look adorable, like it has a secret it is trying to hide, but is so joyful it can't keep the secret much longer? Sunflowers are truly magical all year round, starting in the Spring when they volunteer to grow in our community garden plots. Of course the blooms in summer, waving high in the sky are welcoming and inspiring. The sturdiness of the stalk feels like houses could be built from them. Bees love the pollen and birds love the seeds. Squirrels have a grande time as well with the seeds. Us humans have several options with the seeds, if you can save a few before the animals get them. Saving and dry the seed heads allows for many possibilities.

* Roasting the seeds makes a delicious treat.

* Keep some seeds to plant next year.

* Grow delicious, nutritious sprouts all winter in your windowsills.

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