Just a little bit

When making really delicious food, there are key ingredients which have a huge impact, yet we don't need a lot of them. Take herbs for example. I had the most delicious noodle and vegetable dish at a Thai restaurant. I was talking with friends about what they thought made this dish so amazing and we all agreed it was the Thai basil. When visiting garden centers during the glorious early summer excitement of planting, I found a six pack set of Thai basil, which actually had about 12 plants in it. I have planted them in differrent spots around my yard, in the herb garden, my new tower garden, in between my cabbages and in a shared plot at our community garden. When I made pad thai with our abundant green beans and cabbage, adding the Thai basil made this dish spectacular.

Another example is from today. I felt like having tuna salad on top of fresh arugula. Since I didn't have any tuna, a can of salmon did the trick. I love the crunch of carrots and celery like my friend Pam adds to her tuna salad. I was able to go out to my garden and cut one stalk of celery, pull out one carrot and snip a little bit of dill to add to the salmon salad and oh boy was that scrumptious.

My point here is that just a little bit was all I needed to bring our garden vegetables to a whole new flavor level by growing and harvesting Thai basil. The salmon salad was made exactly like my family enjoys and I did not need to go to the store to purchase more celery and carrots than I could use that day. The prized ingredients were picked right from our little garden and put directly into our food. Fresh food has more nutrients and better flavor. Wouldn't you love fresh raspberries on top of your granola in the morning? How lucky we can be to have so much abundance of the little ingredients that make our food exceptional.

I would love to hear about the little things you harvest that make your food extra delicious.

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