These few beans

These few beans

Beginning as an idea in shivery February

Searching for what to plant in the spring

Ordering the seeds

Planning where to plant them

Deciding to give all my family and friends big jars of dried beans

Hoping spring comes soon

Carrying out the plan in April

Labeling what is planted where: at the home and community garden

Watering, watching, waiting

Bursting forth with strong stems

Succumbing to hungry slugs, just a few

Planting a few more in the empty spots

Growing strong and tall

Blooming with beautiful flowers, all different colors

Bursting with little beans

Getting bigger every day

Picking and eating some pods

Thanking the soil, sun and water for nourishing us all

Leaving the bigger beans to dry

Hoping for lots to harvest for the long winter

Enjoying all the different colors and sizes

Wondering the best time to pick, dry and shell the beans

Collecting beans in a paper bag

Drying the beans in the attic

Separating the pods from the beans inside

Wondering how stores can sell dried beans for so little money

Thanking the people and machines which do this work for so many of us

Composting the pods

Setting aside a few beans for planting next year

Purchasing a few small jars

Giving these beans to 3 special people who will appreciate the journey of

These few beans

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