Harvest Season

Harvest season is most rewarding as we reap the fruits and vegetables created through a variety of small steps. Let's look at the progression:

  • Winter planning of what to grow where, ordering, starting and nurturing seedlings inside. Eating sprouts and preserved harvest from last season.

  • Spring planting, weeding, harvesting. Eating fresh greens, asparagus, peas and herbs.

  • Summer watering, harvesting. Preparing salads and pasta dishes. Eating raspberries, kale, tomatoes, pesto, zuchinni, beans, celery.....

  • Fall harvesting, freezing, canning, drying. Cooking soups, baking pies and roasting vegetables. Eating sweet potatoes, apples, butternut squash.... As we put our summer gardens to rest we are preparing our winter growing spaces.

Any time is perfect for beginning the process of planning, growing and eating delicious food, grown organically where you live.

Contact Maria for a personalized consultation: 2mariablon@gmail.com (845)313-2853

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