You don't know what you want to have for lunch, yet as you walk out your back door..... Voila! possibilities emerge as you pick the perfect vegetables, fruits and herbs. The most fantastic lunch for this exact moment in time is soon on your table, beautifully displayed with a fresh bouquet of flowers. is amazing!

Our Vision


“I have known Maria for many years and have found that she is a very intelligent and hard working person. As I was not planning to use my vegetable garden this year I was excited to offer it to Maria to grow flowers for HEART in Haiti bouquets. Maria worked very hard to prepare the grounds, grow the seedlings and maintain the garden.

She generously planted tomatoes and other vegetables for me, which she grew herself from seeds. Maria is talented and dedicated, and I’m excited that she will be my gardener next year!”

~ Ursula Brown

"If you have not supported the HEART program you are missing out! Maria's flowers are beautiful, freshly cut and really add to the decor every other week here at my office. The best part of all though is supporting a very needy cause and I am so glad I did! Thank you Maria

Sincerely, Lynelle Alessi"

Giving Back

We believe in growing food for our family and friends as well as sharing with our local and global community.


* Teaching people in our community to grow their own organic food.

* Donations of vegetables and flowers are made to St. Margaret's Soup Kitchen in Middletown, NY. 



* 100% of our profits from gardening work and flower sales are given to the HEART in Haiti School we helped start after to devastating earthquake of 2010.