What is Energy Healing?
Universal Life Energy is all around us, is what the Chinese refer to as Chi, what Hindus refer to as Prana, and what Christians refer to as the Holy Spirit.  Reiki Energy Healing which originated in Tibet and India is not a religion.

In action, Energy Healing is a hands-on, body energy treatment which makes use of this Universal Life Energy to balance out the entire body system.  The practitioner uses specific hand positions, held over or on the different energy centers of the body, allowing the receiver to utilize the healing energy, resulting in general feelings of well being, balance and peacefulness. 

Energy healing helps people organically grow into the life they are here to live and learn through, which is miraculous.

Maria has received training in Reiki Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Receiving Energy Healing at the Healing Studio.  
Kevin is cozy with a fuzzy blanket, peaceful music, candle all in this natural healing space.

An excellent video showing how the medical community is embracing Reiki Energy Healing.


$40 for half an hour

$60 for an hour

$100 for 3 half hour sessions ($20 savings)

$150 for 3 hour sessions ($30 savings)

You may pay with a check made out to HEART or cash.

"I am truly grateful for you Maria. You are an awesome life coach, and an inspirational energy healer. Thank you again for the amazing session tonight. I feel so peaceful, and completely uplifted. I was feeling sad and alone when I arrived, and after a couple of hours, I have renewed faith, hope and love. Thank you for your time, patience and kindness. xoxo "  Wendy Blanchard, therxdiaries.com