Growing your own food is easy

We meet so many people who would love to have a garden, but think they don't have the time or space.  The truth is, gardening is easy and possible no matter how much space and time you have.


Prepping for next Spring

Fall is the time to put your garden to rest, cook scrumptious food, learn how to grow inside in the winter and prepare your gardens for Spring planting. Join us for an introductory class either in person or online.

Looks like a Miracle NEWS

I've grown veggies, what now?

Learn quick and easy recipes you, your family and

friends will love.

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I always envied friends who grew their own vegetables because I didn't know the first thing about growing a garden. I asked Maria if she could help me, and by the end of the first consultation we created a plan for an 18' x 8' garden in my yard! My garden will grow at least 10 vegetables plus herbs and raspberries! Maria will be helping me step by step: map/design the garden, bring in all the supplies (dirt, plants, seedlings), and educate me how to care for and yield a beautiful crop. Maria is a wealth of gardening and cooking information. I am so excited to bring my own fresh food to our kitchen table! ~ Alison Orlando ~